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May 6, 2020

What is a brand concept, and how to create it for your business? [2 Easy Methods]

A brand concept is an idea or meaning behind every brand. Learn two easy and more natural methods of how to create your Brand Concept, and inspire your customers as the biggest brands in the world does.

A brand concept in dull words is "the idea or meaning behind a brand". But,  great brands are about more than that. A Brand Concept is the "essence" of the brand representing its audience feeling, thoughts, needs and ideas. Brands such as Nike, GoPro, Coca Cola, Apple, and many more, created an idea in its users' minds that changed the way of how we consume, interact, and see the brands nowadays.

What's the point to create a Concept?

A Concept in Branding, or even in every marketing campaign, plays a crucial role in driving the whole process; in other words, It is the road which your brand uses to reach its objectives. But, there is a tricky part, many roads are on the way. Thus your brand needs to pick one and more than making it own, make it authentic.

An authentic concept highlights your brand among other brands which have the same thoughts, and the same and fatigued speech.

How to create your brand concept

To create your Brand Concept, first of all, we can use something called The Golden Circle, a model created by the Leadership expert Simon Sinek.

The Golden Circle

This model asks us three essential questions which will help you to start defining your concept and express your brand identity likewise successful brands do it all the time.

  1. Why are you doing what you are doing?
  2. How will this help your audience?
  3. What are you going to offer to your customers? (product/service)


Then, if you feel that The Golden Circle is not enough, or you are banging your head against the wall, trying to find an authentic concept. Therefore, creating a story of your brand will help you to find a concept, and define your business Mission, Vision, Voice, Tagline and even Style.

Brand Story

Stories are structured by Origin, Problem and Solution, which are the Why, How and What of your brand. But making a story, the objective is to transform your brand into the main character and focus all the surrounded elements, on it. To start to build your story, ask you some questions of the following steps:

  1. Who is your character? Is it he or she? Young or old? And how does it look like?
  2. What happened to your character in the story? And where is it going to?
  3. How s/he is going to save the day?


TOMS Shoes

While travelling through Argentina in 2006, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie saw the hardships faced by children without shoes. This inspired him to create a company where for every pair of shoes the company sold, a new pair would be given to a child in need, providing shoes to millions of children along the years.

To conclude, a brand concept can describe your brand' soul, through your ideas, thoughts, visions of the world, and tell a story that changes the world step by step.

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