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May 13, 2020

Top Five Restaurant Innovations

Innovation is the best way to stand out from your competitors. Check some of the most interesting restaurants innovations around the world that may inspire you to start your own creative process.

Are you trying to innovate in your restaurant but still, you don't know how to do it?

We know that Creativity and Innovation is a long and hard adventure. From robots to oranges peel! Feel inspired by five of the most amazing innovations in the restaurant industry we gathered for you in this blog post!

Coffee ideas Lab

Starbucks is recognized by its innovate culture and fantastic customer service, but how they do it?

Starbucks has created the wonderland for Coffee Lovers, the Tryer Center, which is a space designed in November 2018 to accelerate innovation and improvements in its products, services and operations. Kevin Johnson, its CEO, believes in bringing ideas to action in 100 days is possible! That's why this space is a mix between a laboratory and a design company. There, its employees submit and try out new ideas to improve the experience for both customers and employees in all stores around the world.

From the farm to the table

Are your the kind of people who worries about the freshness of your food? Spice Acres is the place to be!

Spice Acres has developed an excellent concept. For more than 6 years, they have been allowing diners to have a unique experience of eating their food right where it was grown. Also, you will be able to do an agricultural tour to have a totally creative and gastronomic experience.

This is possible because they have a dynamic place made up of a sustainable family farm in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There, they grow their fresh ingredients and connect people with the whole process.

Orange juice with Skin?

This is the amazing concept of Feel the Peel. The automated juice bar is using even the peel of the orange to produce their own cups, instead to throw it as organic waste. How they do it? After serving the juice, the skin is separated into a clear container, heated, and mixed with polylactic acid to make a bioplastic. Then, the result is used to feed to a 3D printer and make biodegradable cups.

No More Wasting Food

Have you ever wondered what restaurants do with all the food they don't sell on the day? The Too Good To Go app is working with shops and restaurants around 15 countries to offer their delicious unsold meals to their customers for a fraction of the usual price. How? They create a surprise pack with daily surplus food that people can buy thought the app. With this platform, companies and restaurants are combating food waste and allowing customers to get food at amazing prices.

Robot Chef

It's cool to see while a chef is cooking your food in front of you, but how cool would be that the chef is a Robot?

Pazzi is a world-first restaurant, where a robot cooks a pizza in just minutes. He is in charge of preparing the dough and spreading the sauce, putting the pizza in the oven and then in its box, cutting and serving it, all this in an automated kiosk. This is the original idea of process innovation!

The first kiosk was inaugurated in November 2019 in Paris, France.

Which one did you like and inspire the most?

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