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April 8, 2020

How to create an Eye-Catching Menu [5 KEY TIPS]

Learn five easy tips to create your business menu and catch your customer’s attention.

An eye-catching menu is the 50% of your sales efforts in the Hospitality industry so, you should pay attention to how you are presenting your products or services in the menu.
  1. Every Placement Matters

Customers tend to read menus like a book, starting in the top left corner, and the logical next step is directly right. Keeping this in mind; the menu should show a flow that simulates how people will order and eat in the most common order in logical groups, starting with the appetizers.

  1. Use Images with Care

If you want photos of your food into your menu, consider that those photos must be professionals, and high quality, because customers will want, exactly to receive what they saw on the menu. Or remember! sometimes it’s better to leave the quality of the food to the customer’s imagination.

  1. Use legible Typography

Choose a font according to your restaurant 'personality. Play with different weights and volumes of the typeface to create a unique and dynamic design depending on the amount of text needed to comfortably fit on the page. 

  1. Choose appropriate colours

Select colours that match your overall branding, style and the theme of the restaurant. Then think about colour meanings, each one has different psychological effects on a viewer, so your colour scheme will help to draws attention to certain food items.

  1. Organize with Boxes

Using boxes can help keep like items together on a menu that includes a lot of options, or draw attention to a group of menu items. You can also use it to promote dishes with the highest profit margins.

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