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June 24, 2020

Tips for creating your Business Merchandise

Learn in this blog post the importance of Merchandise, Tips, and its Pros and Cons when it is used as a marketing tactic for your business brand.

Why Merchandise your brand is important?

Merchandise elements are key for businesses to increase their share into the market and keep in the top of mind of its audience. It is an excellent promotional tactic. However, it has been overused along the time to create heaps of promotional material without sense, decreasing its quality or effectiveness.

In The Crew Marketing, we gathered some tips that are useful at the moment to create your merchandise elements, check it out!

Build your customers profile

As in every Marketing Plan, Branding or Promotional activity or process is vital to know your audience. They are who defines what kind of Merchandise is your brand needing. It is not the same branded merchandise for a bank, cafe or pub. They are drove by total different audiences, personalities and buyer journeys.

Have a clear image of your customers is the essential step to you start creating your brand merchandise.

Drives your style through unique branded Merchandise

The most successful merchandise elements are those that transfer the brand style and personality to their users. But here is where many business are misusing their Merchandise! Don't do the same as your competitors do. There are already enough branded t-shirts, caps, mugs and pens in your customers' house, but if you are going to do one of those, provoke the desire in your customers to get one of your products, show them why your merchandise is different and why they should embrace your brand spirit.

Your Customer Experience is the guide, but don't get pushy.

Maybe you are asking how to know what kind of Merchandise is best for my brand. First thing you should keep on the eye, is how your customers are buying your product or service. How is the experience of the process?

If you are a restaurant, start to think about what your customers do from they came through your door till they left. They probably ask for a table, menu and start waiting for its order. What elements play, or can play an essential role in its experience? Then, he or she starts to eat, pay and leave.

Visualize these customer experiences will provide you with a lot of ideas of merchandise elements for your business.

Keep High-Quality standards

Once you have all your ideas for merchandise elements is crucial to be aware of its quality. Some business asks their merchandise providers for its branded products without knowing the quality of them, and this is an important point that transmits an idea of your service and products quality as well.

However, in The Crew, we know that can be expensive to afford the best quality in some merchandise elements, that is why is also important to keep in mind the usability of these products in your customers' daily life.

Co-Branded objects are great!

Are not sure what elements are the coolest for Merchandise your brand? What about co-branding merchandise? It is the perfect opportunity to create links with other brands related to your business, support other local business, and decrease the cost of producing those elements for your business. If you are a café, you probably can ask your local coffee supplier to create a co-branded mug or even a Coffee Pot, perfect for selling to your coffee lovers.


Take a look at your restaurant for which are the most customers used items and probable you can start from there.

Pros and Cons of Selling Merchandise of your Restaurant


Now that you know that selling Merchandise is one of the best ways to build your restaurant brand. We should mention that branded merchandise might not be the best idea for all stores due to you have to do it the right way without sacrificing the customer experience or coming off as tacky.


At The Crew Marketing, we have curated some pros and cons of offering branded merchandise to help you decide if selling it at your establishment is a viable option.



  • Strengthen customer relationship: branded Merchandise helps you to reinforce the loyalty of your customers. It will allow you to be in their top of mind because every time they see it, they'll remind your restaurant and they will most likely return.
  • Increased Profits: Offering branded Merchandise can be a significant source of income for your business if you have a loyal following.
  • Free advertising: Branded merch is a great way to reach untapped markets and promote word of mouth due to people will see your logo on your customers' products or clothing. It will give you the chance to attract potential customers.



  • Small profit margins: offering Merchandise in your restaurant will only be profitable if there is a demand for your products and if you can produce them at the right cost so that they meet the needs of your customers and fit your budget.
  • Subpar products: before investing in your own merchandise line, you should research the best supplier options so that your products are of quality and truly represent your brand concept.
  • Crowded Floor Plan: if your restaurant is small or does not have proper distribution, it can be challenging to find an excellent way to display your Merchandise and therefore your sales will be affected.


You know a little more about branded Merchandise now, it is your turn to carefully research how big is your customer demand and interest in these products and whether this is a good idea for your restaurant. The critical fact here is to being smart through your marketing tactics, and leaving your customers starving for more!


If you are struggling thinking about creative and Out of the box ideas to create your merchandise elements, get inspired and let your imagination fly with the following examples we curated for you!

Limited-edition of festive holiday gifts by Dunkin' Donuts - 2019

Taco Bell clothes collaboration with Forever 21- 2017

Jewelry made by Cheetos - 2016

Christmas tree Ornaments by KFC  - 2018 

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