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April 17, 2020

How to turn your business around through deliveries and takeaway

5 relevant points to review before to join the delivery's world

If you are here is because you probably realized that you need to extend your services further than your table or counter, and you are right! 

Here we are going to present you five [ 5 ] relevant points that you should review before to jump into the growing NECESSITY of takeaway and delivery's services.

Adapt your menu

First, It is essential to review your menu and adjust it to the takeaway and delivery's but preserving the quality and freshness of your food to keep meeting the expectations of your customers.

For example, try to include all food choices that can be transported safely and easily, and remove dishes that dry out or lose heat very quickly.

Additional, if you have creative ideas of how to deliver your products, go-ahead, this is the time to innovate!

Facilitate easy ordering

Let them know that you are receiving delivery orders.

Be familiar and choose easy to use methods for your customer's orders through your website, apps, text-message or the old fashion phone order. Also, use an accurate order-entry system and train your staff to do their tasks correctly and efficiently, to provide the best service.

Use solid packaging

Ensure you have the right size and shape container for each item because takeout packaging must maintain the quality and integrity of your restaurant's food. Moreover, you should pack the food items and utensils correctly in bags or boxes; for example, hot and cold items, and sauces separately.

And don't forget the importance of the design and packaging experience, that's part of your business soul going into their homes!

Maintain food safety

Make sure your food is kept at safe temperatures during transport or until the customer picks it up, and provide customers with clear instructions of how to use and reheat food.

Support Locals

Now's the time to show your support for the local business, speak with other restaurants and cafes, a collaborative strategy could be built to the benefit of all.

Try these 5 points in your business and see how your delivery orders start to grow!

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