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April 20, 2020

How To Promote Your Local Business Online

Learn five ways and tactics of how to promote your business and increase your leads.

Being local doesn't mean that your promotional actions are less important than those of global companies like Coca Cola or Apple to keep their reputation. Still, it means that they are and will be more relevant to people in your community. Thus your connection with them is usually stronger and more consistent because, for some of them, you are the best restaurant, hotel, store or cafe in town.

We create a list of five [5] exciting ways to promote your business and strengthen or create more customer's connections.

Creating a Website and promoting it

Now, doesn't matter if you are a tiny restaurant or the biggest franchise in the world, a website is indispensable for every business, due to the way of how our buying process has changed since the internet became essential for our all-day living.

A research made by GLOBALWEBINDEX (2019) says that 80% of the global population between 16 and 64 years old search online for a product before to buy it. So it is better if your business has where customers can find more information about you.

To promote your website, you can find different effective ways to do it, for example, combine an SEO & SEM strategy is, in the long term, the most powerful way. Additionally, creating your Google Business Account, you can show up in your customers' search for any product related to your business. Here is where you should show them relevant information such as opening and closing hours, reviews from other customers, website address, pictures and more important details, to make of you a natural choice for your potential customers.


Social Media

Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy is an essential piece of your business and doesn't matter if your action plan is local or global. Social platforms help your business reaching your real customers, improving your customer satisfaction, build brand loyalty, and letting you take advantage of new trends to be on your customer's daily life.

To promote your business through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you should first, create a business account, in an attractive, but professional way, for your customers.

Then, in these platforms, you're going to find promotional features and tools like Hashtags and Facebook Ads Manager, that will allow you to communicate with a defined target audience reach precisely the customers that you are interested in.

Vlogs & Blogs

Word of mouth is the most valuable asset that a brand can have, and this is what blogs and Vlogs (video-blogs) are doing for brands since a few years ago. They ask to someone relevant for its audience, to create a blog or video about their products or a kind of presentation of it. These type of tactics brings the brand closer to the audience, increasing their loyalty and enable them to have a friendly interaction with the brand, rather than a cold transaction of buyer and seller.

Some other reasons for blogging:

• Some other reasons for blogging:

• Blogging establish authority

• Attract a defined audience

• Can convert traffic into leads and leads into customers.

• Helps to tell your Brand Story

• It makes your brand stand out over competitors

Join and be active in online communities

Across the time, what has shown more importance into relationship concepts, are the interactions and the creation of connections between beings. That is why here it is more important to create real and constant connections to spread the voice and being known by your community.

Join online communities related to your business or where your customers are, and communicate with them, creating relationships is the most powerful tool, and channels such as Facebook groups, Twitter or other forum blogs offers to your business.

Exploit your Local Platforms

Use those platforms created for local business support and expose your business through them, sharing your products, contacts and supporting other's business. For many people and companies, it is primordial to support local business buying their products or making of them a preferred source of what they need.

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