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April 8, 2020

How to create a successful Small Business Website! [Five essential elements]

Learn how to create a successful and profitable website for your business and reach more customers.

Are you starting your business or needing to reach more customers? a website is a great tool to expand your business and reach those customers that traditional marketing is no able to reach easily

  1. Mobile-friendly design

You should design your website with the mobile version in mind, as some items that appear on the desktop need to be re-arranged to fit the format of a mobile screen better. Remember, a huge number of people enter to websites on their mobile or tablets more often than through their laptops.

  1. A well-organised navigation bar

Your navbar helps your users move around on your site, that's why the design of this element should be pretty simple with few options and user-friendly.

  1. Call to actions

A call to action prompts the user to take a step, and they are great ways to guide a visitor towards conversion. These elements should be bold and stand out from the other text, and each page should have one. For example: get in touch now, request a quote, learn more.

  1. Choose appropriate colours

Choose eye-catching colours to attract your audience attention based on your brand, a combination with two or three colours on your site allows your customers to read quickly and stay focused on your content, but remember! White space plays an important role when designing!

  1. Accessible contact details

Provide precise contact details to your visitors on your website, such as the name of your business, address of your physical location(s), telephone or mobile number(s), your email address and social media accounts.
Make them easy to be in contact with you!

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