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May 30, 2020

5 Important Benefit Of Creating Content For Your Business

Building awareness, establishing trust between your audience, and providing personality to your brand are some of the benefits your brand can take advantage when creating content for your marketing strategy.

What do we mean with content?

Ok, when we say “create content for your business” maybe some of you will think that it requires a lot of work, and you are already fully loaded in front of your business or dealing with customers or suppliers. But content is as complex or simple as you want. Basically, the content could be everything from a picture in your twitter to write a well-developed blog article.

Why is content for your business so relevant?

Let me explain to you with an example, let’s imagine you are a fantastic singer, you can reach the highest and lowest tones, but no one knows about you. That is pretty sad, westing all that talent into your shower every morning. But one day, you decided to upload a short video of you doing a cover of a trending song. Then you start to be known and liked, and you keep doing covers until someone hire you to play in front of real people. And there is the start of a beautiful dream. Your content elements were those videos and even that small concert.

So, the purpose of content, in other words, is to share with your audience what you can offer to the world. It will bring a lot of benefits for your business and customers. Some of these benefits are

1. Build Brand Awareness

As I explain before, content is everything you share to be known or for the enjoyment of your audience. The more content you create, the more is going to know about you your audience and potential customers. This will be beneficial to you reaching a better position in the market and getting more customers

2. Establish Trust with your Audience

Your customers need to know why they should trust you, and the best way is to know more about you. This is why content is the best method to increase your customers' trust. That doesn't mean to explain everything and build thousand of promises in every content, just show yourself (or business) and it will work.

3. Improve your Social Media Attraction

There is not a secret for a successful content strategy for your business, but when it is well done it becomes as a magnet of the audience in your social media. Here creativity is king and how you communicate is crucial to keep reaching your real customers.

4. Educate your Audience

Content elements are the ultimate tool to educate your audience, show them your services and products before they physically meet your restaurant or office, and it will save you a lot of time on the effort to transform your audience to costumes.

5. Provides personality to your brand

Sometimes is not just what you say, share or do. It is about how you do it or even speak. Create content for your business brand or even for personal brands is essential to share your personality through the tone that you use in those elements.

Now, that you know what is and what are the benefits to create content, it's time to start to share the best of you and your brand!

The Crew Marketing Team
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