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June 16, 2020

5 Bar Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Its time to back to normality and here in The Crew Microblog, we are going to give you five tips of how you can make a great comeback.

1. Do something different

In big cities, it is where is more common to find are bars of every kind, but how to stand out and not be one more of the crowd? The best way to stand out from the crowd is to do something totally different that gives a reason for your customers to come back. Creating mystery, something unexpected or do something that no one in your local area does, will highly increase your customers' engagement. Surprise guests and run promotion campaigns about it allows you to share what is that makes you unique. Just keep in mind that the idea is to offer something that gets people talking.

2. Create custom elements with your Brand

In The Crew, we are not going to tell you to do what every place does when it is about souvenirs or gifts for customers. Now is time to think outside the box! Offer to your customers something that they can physically use at home and have fun, matching your brand concept with these accessories. For example, cocktail shakers, bottle opener, beer-hats or wine stoppers. The important thing is that you make sure that all these items have your brand spirit and your logo printed.

These accessories can be given as a gift after a minimum of X dollars purchase a particular drink in your bar or using another strategy of your choice. The purpose of this is to let your customers take your Brand to their homes, and have a reason to start their word of mouth promotion because when they use it, they will be most likely to talk about your business.

3. Entertain Your customers with Games or Activities

We have to admit it! If you have a bar is because you love that environment, It's the love for those experience that just happen around a wine glass and your partner or a couple of beers and your best mates. And it is because we grew with those funny games where we challenged our friends to drink more and more and the time went by too fast every time we were enjoying. What do you think of applying those old memories or activities to your bar?

Give your customers space and ways to enjoy their drinks around activities or games is the best way to help them to enjoy your bar and consume more of your products while they have fun.

4. Host Theme Nights

In our original city is an amazing bar that has these kinds of thematic nights and oh hell! It is amazing! One night is rock n roll and all the staff wears customs of that decade and the next week is 20's night, and everything is totally different!

Theme nights are a fun way to attract customers, and to create a different experience to stand out from other places than just doing the same old thing. This is an effective bar promotion tactic that can also be used to obtain personal information from customers and to create a fun and exciting atmosphere that encourages customers to stay, eat or drink and spend more than they would on an average weeknight.

5. Design a Rockstar Menu

Have you gone to those amazing restaurants and bars where the waitress offers the oldest and worst designed menu ever? Yeah, everybody has gone through that at least once. Your Menu, Carta or Board is like the rockstar of the band, if it is attractive for the audience and sings well, half of the way is done. Thus a menu should be attractive and have a clear communication to perform well.

In other words, your menu is a crucial element to sell your products. Do something different, not just the basic paper, and if you do, make of that the best piece of paper ever in the world! Because paying attention to details and right combinations of fonts, pictures and call to actions are going to help you stand out those items that are hardly sold in your menu.

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