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Dream, Pursue & Achieve
We are here to work with you to help you make your dreams and passions come true.

Who we are

  • We are a crew; we believe that our greatest strength is our ability to cultivate honest relationships with our clients, making you part of our crew and transforming your dreams and goals into ours.
  • We are creative and strategic; we mix our ideas with your goals to create the best marketing strategy with the right plan for your style, budget and size.
  • We are professionals; we give attention to every detail, demanding more of ourselves in every step of the learning process and enhancing our services to create the best quality work that we can give you.
  • We are passionate; we always enjoy what we do, with a positive attitude. We work efficiently to exceed your expectations and ensure you get what you need quickly.
The Crew Marketing Lina Marcela Awakon

Marcela Awakon

Co-Founder & Brand Strategist

Marcela is the head of the company due to her extraordinary organizational abilities as an Industrial Engineer and Marketing lover.

She is responsible and passionate about all aspects of content creation, strategy and coordination of social media. She works collaboratively with the team to create wonderful campaigns and make every process more efficient, helping our clients boost their business and reach their goals.

She has a personal love for photography, enjoys watching the sunset and exploring new places!

  • Diploma in Business Administration- Australia
  • Diploma in Marketing and Communication - Australia
  • Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication - Australia
  • Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering - Pontificia Javeriana Cali University, Colombia

Andrés Henao

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Andrés is an experienced Creative Designer and Marketing Specialist. His experience working with brands from the retail, automotive, sport, international agencies and hospitality industries makes him a key member for every project. 

He is the creative soul of the team, bringing to life each project from scratch (pen and paper) to make our clients' dreams come true. Andrés loves to get immersed in the clients' brand personality and feel like he is part of it.

He is always seeking new ways to innovate and learn new things. You can find him reading and watching videos about interesting facts all the time.

  • Diploma in Business Administration- Australia
  • Diploma in Marketing and Communication - Australia
  • Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication - Australia
  • Degree Specialization in Marketing Strategy - Autónoma de Occidente University, Colombia
  • Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design - Pontificia Javeriana Cali University, Colombia
The Crew Marketing Andres Felipe Henao

How we work

We understand that each brand is unique, and that is why we design a strategic and personal process to create the best plan for your business to grow.

Field Survey

We develop extensive research about your business, market, competitors, and references that allow us to create a picture of you and your brand.

Create the Rules

After the research stage, we create a Strategy Marketing Plan of 3, 6, or 12 months according to what you chose. In it, we set up your target, type of content, communication and graphic style, channel, consistency, etc. to achieve your business objectives.

Play the Game!

This is the coolest part! At this point, we are executing each step of the marketing plan, creating all the promotional material, and running all the strategies as they were planned, in order to grow your business and get more clients.

Achieve & Improve

When we get to each deadline, we'll review and analyse the whole process to visualize how your business community grew, which aspects of the marketing plan were effective, which ones needed improvement and which ones we could re-use in future strategies.

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